Oct 19


The dangers of rat infestation cannot be emphasized enough. Rats and mice damage the property, spoil food items and carry infectious diseases. If you notice any signs of infestation like droppings, holes in the walls, bite marks, etc. you need to call a rat exterminator in Northern Palm Beach ASAP. An experienced exterminator can find and get rid of them all in a few sessions. But that does not stop other rodents from invading your home after the extermination. It can be cumbersome, but it’s worth the effort to keep your family safe. You need to take the following precautions to prevent any future infestation:


Store Your Food Securely

Open food is an open invitation for rodents to feast upon. Food items should be stored solid containers out of their reach. Do not leave any leftover food open, wrap it with foil and store it in the fridge for later use. Pick and store fruits and vegetables from your yard as soon as they ripen and store them in solid containers. If you have pets, feed them during the day when there is least rodent activity and store the pet food in a covered container.


Dispose Of Garbage Properly

Cleanliness plays an important role in keeping rats out. Don’t peels and bones lying around, throw them in the dustbin. Rats rely on garbage for their food source. Cover the bins with a lid to prevent them from entering the bins. The lid can also prevent the smell from spreading.


Trim Plants

If the trees and plants in your garden are close enough to your home, rats can climb them and enter your home. Tall trees, in particular, can help them reach your roof and chimney. Rats and mice are good climbers and can even hike vertical surfaces. Trim the branches of the trees that reach your building. Also, keep a distance of a few feet between your home and any plants in your yard.


Clean the Yard

Your backyard may also provide rodents with food. You should clear fallen fruits and vegetables from the yard before the rats do. Cover your tree trunks with a metal sheet at least 2 feet high. Don’t plant fruits and vegetables that grow on the ground, they are easily accessible to rodents. Plant them indoors in pots, on your roof or in a glass garden instead. If you do, create a solid barrier around them.


Use Repellents

Mint repels rats and mice naturally. Plant them around your yard and place dry leaves all around the home. You can also apply mint oil around your home. Lawn care services also sell rat repellents for rodents.


Set Traps Inside

If you can’t seal the possible entry points, you can set traps near them to prevent rodents from entering your home. The hole in the wall is a good point to start. Make sure to use a trap that is safe for children and pets.


Seal Your Home

Rats can enter holes as small as a quarter. Seal all gaps you notice in your interior and exterior walls. Also, seal the gaps between the doors, windows, vents, etc. Don’t just focus on lower areas. Rats and mice are good climbers, seal gaps all over your building. If you have a chimney, cover it when you don’t use it.


Set Baits & Poisons Outside

Baits and poison should not be used indoors as they could be ingested by pets and small children. They can be placed outdoors in an enclosed bait station. Place them in strategic locations likely to be targeted by rodents like your yard


Get A Cat

Cats are rats’ natural predators. Mice steer clear of places with their scent. Cats have a keen sense of smell and can detect an infestation long before you do.

Despite these precautions, your home might still be infested. Don’t be discouraged, call a rat exterminator in Northern Palm Beach and keep up the effort.

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